Canada Bank List and Routing number

Hey, Here provided the list of banks in Canada and Routing number of each branch that are located across the Country. So, if you are looking for Transit Number of the branch, you may click on the respective bank from below followed by City and branch to check details such as branch code along with streat address, phone number and email id of the bank's branch.

List of banks in Canada

What is a Routing number?

A routing number is a combination of bank and branch code, used in Canada. Routing numbers consist of 8 numerical digits with dashe between 5th and 6th for paper financial documents and 9 numerical digits without dashes for electronic funds transfers.

Usage of Canada Routing number

In Canada, Routing number is allocated to the each bank and branch a unique 8/9 digits number. Routing number is used in a number of payment systems in Canada to access the various clearance systems.

Format of Canada Routing number

A Routing Number consists of 8 numerals with dash for paper/9 numaricals without dash for EFT.

  • 12345-123 for MICR-encoded documents
  • 012312345 for electronic funds transfers

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