New Zealand Bank List and National Clearing Code (NCC)

Hey, Here provided the list of banks in New Zealand and NCC of each branch that are located across the Country. So, if you are looking for National Clearing Code of the branch, you may click on the respective bank from below followed by City and branch to check details such as branch code along with streat address, phone number and email id of the bank's branch.

List of banks in New Zealand

What is a NCC?

NCC is the National Clearing Code and it is used in payments that are made to bank accounts which are not assigned IBAN (International Bank Account Number).

Usage of New Zealand NCC

In New Zealand, National Clearing Code is allocated to the each branch a unique 6 digits number. NCC is used in a number of payment systems in New Zealand to access the various clearance systems.

Format of New Zealand NCC

A National Clearing Code consists of six numerals and made up of two parts as AA-BBBB.

  • The first two digits (AA) specifies the bank/financial institution.
  • The remaining four digits (BBBB) is the unique identifier for a branch.

Example of National Clearing Code: 115211

  • 11 is a bank code of ANZ Bank New Zealand
  • 5211 is the branch code of Albany, ANZ Bank New Zealand

New Zealand bank account number Format

New Zealand bank account number constist of a standardised format of 16 digit and those numbers are generally presented in the below format.

A/C format - BB-bbbb-AAAAAAA-SSS

  • B is the bank number (2 digits)
  • b is the branch number (4 digits)
  • A is the account number (7 digits)
  • S are digits of the suffix (2 or 3 digits)

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